Sell It @ ManEmp

Sell your unwanted Antique & Vintage items with us.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You take a few photos of each item you want to sell and email them to us with your contact details (or use WhatsApp on 07732 385723). We will evaluate your items to see if they have a chance of selling with us. The antiques & vintage world is very fickle and what was once all the rage could now be out of fashion. If you can’t send us photos please contact us to arrange an appointment to bring them into the Emporium for evaluation.
  2.  For the items that we decide to take in, we will agree a starting price with you for each item. You will be given a list of the items you leave with us as a receipt. This list will also contain a description of the item including a condition report.
  3. Each item will have a sales ticket attached showing the price, a brief description and your unique consignor number to identify who the item belongs to.
  4. Your items will be displayed at the Emporium and listed on a number of specialist online selling websites. Each item will be on display for a maximum of three months.
  5. For the first month the item(s) will be displayed with the full starting price that we agreed. If it does not sell in the first month the starting price will be reduced by 15%. If it does not sell within the second month you will then have two options:
       a. You can remove your item(s) from the Emporium or
       b. We will try for one more month with the ticket price reduced to 65% of the original starting price. If the item doesn’t sell in this third month you will be required to remove it from the Emporium.

  6. Upfront Fees: A small Storage & Marketing fee is payable up front for every item you leave with us. These fees are listed in the table below. We will require three months fees to be paid up front. If your item sells within the first two months of being in the Emporium we will refund any whole months of fees that have not been used.
  7. Commission: When your item sells we will retain a sales commission of 25% of the final sales amount.

Monthly storage fee per item based on the starting price of each item

(3 months payable up front)

Start Price

£0 to £49 = £1

Start Price

£50 to £99 = £2

Start Price

100+ = £3

If you have any questions, please telephone us on 01206 397547 or 07732 385723 or email using